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Webrageous Helps Bankruptcy Lawyers Leverage PPC Advertising to Harness Pandemic-driven Demand

A company with a 20-year track record of pay-per-click management introduces strategies to markedly reduce cost-per-lead in connecting bankruptcy lawyers with a growing target audience.

With the pandemic straining finances, more people are seeking out bankruptcy attorneys to help them handle mounting debts. Webrageous is helping these attorneys connect with their target audience through fine-tuned strategies that are yielding unprecedented cost-per-lead returns.

Webrageous has distinguished itself in PPC management for attorneys through its sophisticated analytics and embrace of the mobile revolution. These advances have enabled the company to drive down cost-per-lead (the cost to receive a form submission or phone call in response to an ad) by up to 50% for bankruptcy attorneys in the past couple of years.

“A lot of PPC companies are stuck in the ‘desktop’ space when mobile, voice recognition and other advances are revolutionizing search right now,” said David Chapman, Webrageous President. “Our ability to harness those new technologies has enabled us to produce some unheard of results for our bankruptcy attorney clients.”

Webrageous manages Google Ads for personal injury attorneys, including auto accident and mass tort lawyers, as well as bankruptcy attorneys. Chapman urged bankruptcy law firms to seize the day in reaching out to potential clients through online ads or miss a valuable opportunity.

“A lot of people need the assistance of bankruptcy attorneys right now because of the pandemic, and many others will need it before long. Relief packages have delivered temporary help, but these things can’t last forever and the country is not back to normal — especially for workers in certain industries like lodging and restaurants,” said Chapman. “The next few years are going to bode very well for bankruptcy attorneys if they know how to make their PPC advertising dollars work for them.”

Webrageous has 20 years of experience in pay-per-click, and most of its account managers have at least five years of experience in PPC (a rarity in a high-turnover industry). The firm boasts an 85% client retention rate. To learn more about Webrageous and their strategies for increasing return-on-investment on GoogleAds for attorneys, call 855-469-2758 or visit their website at

About Webrageous

Webrageous is a leading pay per click management firm in the United States. They are composed of PPC management specialists who take time to learn the needs of their clients. From there, they tailor a custom PPC plan for them.


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