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World’s Best-Selling Wireless Anemometer on a Mission to Improve Global Worksite Safety

Scarlet Tech today announced the launch of WR-3 Plus, the upgraded version of the previous wireless anemometer WR-3 model. WR-3 was one of the best selling wireless anemometers in the world for the past 3 years.

All New WR-3 Plus

Designed and built as the world’s most cost-effective wireless anemometer, WR-3 Plus is a compact, effective, and affordable wireless wind speed meter. It marks a key milestone to accelerate Scarlet’s mission to improve global worksite safety. Scarlet’s wireless anemometer already has a ground presence in the Middle East, North-Western Europe, Australia and the APAC market. By 2025, Scarlet plans to expand its influence to further improve the work safety to other international markets, starting with United States, Western Europe and Japan.

Technology Impacts The World. We Impact Technology.”— Dr. David Huang

“As the demand from our existing clients is increasing, we expect to achieve 75% penetration of new sales within six months after the first launch of the WR-3 Plus model and to capture at least 20% market share for the new markets. The WR3-Plus is the new revolution of modern wind speed measuring device, it’s like the model 3 of Tesla but for wireless anemometer industry”, said Dr. David Huang, Scarlet Tech Co-Founder and Managing Director.

The WR-3 Plus integrates long-range wireless transmission, data logging, and automatic alarm warning systems. It is designed to be durable and capable, with superior performance. Better than the old model, the new WR-3 allows users to receive instant data and wind speed alarm anywhere up to 500m radius from the sensor.

The shapely modern and robust design maximizes durability against harsh weather condition.The high-efficiency battery power supports long operation hours, making it a suitable use for any demanding projects.The WR-3 Plus is Scarlet’s most affordable wireless anemometer yet offering first-rate quality. Users can benefit from its efficient and reliable performance relative to its price.

WR3-Plus is now available for order worldwide starting this April 12, 2021.
For more information about WR-3 Plus, visit www.scarlet-tech/ or email to

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Scarlet Tech is a leading occupational health and safety technology company, headquartered in Taiwan with a subsidiary company in the US. Scarlet specialized in wireless and IoT instruments, most well-known for their wireless anemometer series and the award-winning wireless crane camera-Apollo M1.Scarlet also offers a customization service providing a tailor-made solution for high-profile clients globally.

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