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Yellow Tail Tech Teaches I.T. to Individuals with Security Clearance towards Landing High-Paying IT Jobs

Yellow Tail Tech is known for teaching students with no prior IT background. About 90 per cent of its students have no IT background whatsoever, but through the company’s framework, these individuals have managed to land high-paying jobs within the tech industry. Launched in 2014, Yellow Tail Tech offers six to nine months programs built for serious and motivated students who want to jumpstart or transform their careers.

Technology is rapidly progressing, generating millions and millions of jobs in the process. In the near future, most jobs will require a certain level of technological expertise and getting left behind will limit one’s opportunities. Fortunately, Yellow Tail Tech is here to help curb all those issues by being a highly successful EdTech company equipping individuals with no IT background or technical expertise with exceptional skills that will help them land their first high-paying IT job.

The renowned EdTech company boasts industry-certified instructors who work for the top enterprises all over the world. Their highly-equipped instructors offer hands-on experiences as they get their students ready for real-world challenges. Yellow Tail Tech trains its students to be Red Hat Certified System Administrators (RHCSA) and AWS DevOps Engineers.

The company has gained a massive reputation through its airtight training program that consistently produces extraordinary results. Yellow Tail Tech does things differently. The company’s airtight process has been significantly proven to produce results compared to alternative self-paced courses. Security clearance has been known to attract employers, increase an individual’s earning potential, and help them leverage their new career in the IT industry.

Yellow Tail Tech offers Linux DevOps and AWS Cloud Training for people with security clearance so they could begin their emerging careers in the IT Industry. The company heavily focuses on Linux and AWS Cloud Engineering with true subject matter experts who have a combined experience of over 30 years.

In a span of seven years, Yellow Tail Tech has successfully grown its track record for success. The company also boasts an internship as part of its program. Furthermore, they have a tuition reimbursement guarantee for students who don’t successfully land a job after successfully passing Yellow Tail Tech’s programs.

In the near future, Yellow Tail Tech is poised to become an industry leader in the EdTech space. The company aims to further grow its reputation within the realms of Linux and Cloud Computing, optimizing for results and not for scale. Yellow Tail Tech has been consistently growing by 250% every year, and in a couple of years’ time, the company is envisioned to grow by five to ten times larger than what it currently is.

It’s undeniable that there is a large gap between the amount of available Cloud Computing professionals and the ever-growing market demand. Yellow Tail Tech offers a clear and concise solution to this problem by training passionate and determined people with no IT Background and upskilling them to become skilled IT professionals.

Yellow Tail Tech helps its aspiring students leverage all the positive benefits of having a Security Clearance by helping them undergo an airtight and rigorous training program that will help them land a high-earning job in the IT industry. It is a clever win-win solution that helps individuals and the entire IT industry as a whole.

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Company Name: Yellow Tail Tech
Phone: (301) 887-3220

SOURCE: Yellow Tail Tech

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