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Beard Oil by Da’Dude Presented in a Unique Bamboo Cased Bottle

Da’Dude has launched a new look beard oil bottle for Da’Beard O il. Da’Beard Oil now comes in a glass bottle with an outer bamboo casing.

Beard Oil by Da’Dude have upgraded their beard softener bottle. Da’Dude believes that the improved packaging makes Da’Beard Oil stand out among other beard oils on the market. Da’Beard Oil now comes in a bamboo-encased bottle. This is in stark contrast because all other beard oils are packaged in a standard brown glass bottle.

We wanted our beard softener to stand out from the rest on Amazon so we added a stylistic bamboo outer casing. As a result, the bottle looks great and becomes more robust for travel.” Gary Young, CEO

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Unique Bamboo Bottle
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Da’Dude believes that Da’Beard Oil makes a perfect gift. They say the distinctive outer bamboo casing will add style to any bathroom countertop or cabinet. They hope that even after customers have finished with the contents that men will want to keep the bottle and repurpose it. What’s more, the bamboo casing is less likely to break than a glass bottle. This makes it safer and more convenient to carry in a bag for customers who travel.

Beard oil use is for conditioning beard hair, leaving it softer and more manageable. It makes beards look fuller and thicker while keeping them tame. It’s also great for moisturising the skin beneath the beard. The high-quality ingredients may also promote beard growth. Da’Beard oil is 100% vegan and has a light, refreshing scent.

For men who struggle with dry, brittle beards or beard dandruff, Da’Beard oil is the solution. The plant-based oils that it contains ease itching and dandruff. They add moisture without causing the beard to look greasy. And they don’t clog the pores so the possibility of acne is reduced.

Visit the store page for Da’Dude by clicking on Da’Dude Da’Beard Oil or buy direct on

About Da’Dude: Da’Dude is a line of top-quality men’s hair care products made in Sweden. They’re produced by a family-owned business using the finest European ingredients.

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