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Meet the Business Tech Company Boosting Sales Teams’ Productivity

Relationship selling. It’s an art form that top salespeople need to master in order to keep upping their skill sets. But they can’t do it easily in today’s competitive, busy environment. Why? Chalk up the problem to all those administrative, repetitive duties that clutter and clog their to-do lists.

How bad is the problem? Estimates suggest that professionals spend just 39% of their days engaged in activities dedicated to their actual role. For perspective, that’s the equivalent of nearly 15 hours in a typical 40-hour workweek. That other 61% translates to time spent on busywork. They create proposals, content, and messages from scratch. They set up and reorganize their calendars. They copy and paste items from personal spreadsheets into CRM portals. All the while, they’re missing opportunities to engage in one-on-one communications and improve their conversions, not to mention overall productivity.

Of course, it’s impossible for any salesperson to completely avoid paperwork or other responsibilities that don’t produce profits. Nevertheless, non-client-facing jobs don’t have to eat up companies’ profits day after day. Fortunately, they don’t have to because one big tech provider, Mixmax, is focused on serving up solutions that remove common obstacles to selling.

Humans crave human contact-particularly from salespeople

The Mixmax philosophy focuses on automating and streamlining as many repetitive tasks as possible. However, unlike other similar SaaS providers, Mixmax concentrates on helping clients retain the human touch. This enables salespeople to leverage technology to boost what they’re best at, which is building and maintaining trust. And trust can only come from personalized, human-to-human communication.

Quite honestly, personalization matters more than ever. In today’s high-tech world, prospects appreciate being able to receive individualized attention from salespeople. In fact, they’re very attuned to when they’re getting treated as one-in-a-million instead of one-out-a-million. Plus, most consumers can sniff out robotic-sounding platitudes and poorly programmed AI chatbots in a heartbeat. This is the reason Mixmax’s programming serves as a way to augment salespeople’s routine processes that already work, not overshadow those protocols.

Take email sequences that are working beautifully, for instance. Obviously, salespeople don’t want to make major changes if they’re getting “bites” off emails. Nonetheless, they might wonder if they can make a great email chain even better. The answer is often “yes,” but only with a degree of personalization. That’s where Mixmax comes into the picture.

Mixmax helps sales personnel construct carefully worded email templates that can be deployed at pre-specified times. Yet the emails aren’t just “set it and forget it” comminiques. Instead, Mixmax’s programming allows salespeople to add customized touches to all emails. In other words, the emails sound genuine and relevant-even if parts of them are templated.

A boatload of solutions to offset the workload

Mixmax offers other ways for salespeople to reduce redundancies without reducing a sense of warmth or camaraderie, too. These solutions include presenting prospects with one-click calendar scheduling, which removes the need for wasted back-and-forth texts or emails. In a matter of seconds, current and potential clients can make an appointment with a sales representative. It’s convenient, friendly, and fast.

Another advantage to using the Mixmax system is the ability to add and update rules in widely used software platforms like Salesforce. These rules can kickstart information sharing based on an inputted data string. Case in point: No more pinging the account manager after a sales closing. The Account Manager will instantly get an update thanks to the newly created rule.

Without a doubt, all the benefits provided by Mixmax point straight to a surge in productivity. That’s a welcome reality for sales teams frustrated by a seemingly insurmountable plateau caused by time-wasters like redundant work.

Productivity beyond the sales department

Salespeople aren’t the only professionals who can benefit from Mixmax’s technical advantage. Other professionals can find something to cheer about when it comes to Mixmax’s versatility. For example, siloed teams, startups, and legacy organizations can use Mixmax’s product menu lineup to improve productivity and efficiency levels. Even entrepreneurs and thought leaders can get more done during the week by working smarter through powerful automation.

At the end of the day, humans will always be needed, especially when it comes to providing sales and service. Mixmax realizes this and offers a fast way to improve any professional’s success by eliminating duplicate efforts and freeing time for old-fashioned conversations.


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SOURCE: Mixmax, Inc.

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