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Cancun Airport Transportation is Celebrating Eight Years of Driving Over Half a Million Passengers

CANCÚN, Mexico, September 5, 2022 – Since its beginnings, Cancun Airport Transportation has been travelers’ best choice, breaking records and taking people to their dream destinations. It has driven over half a million passengers in the eight years that the company has been in service. Cancun Airport Transportation has definitely proven it can provide outstanding transportation service from the airport to any destination in the Riviera Maya. 

The First Miles on the Road

Cancun Airport Transportation was born eight years ago. Ready to provide the best, most trustworthy, and secure transfer service, the company was ready to start being part of people’s travels. Starting with transportation to the Hotel Zone in Cancun, more and more passengers began trusting this business with their travels.

Cancun Airport Transportation provides transportation to almost all destinations in the Yucatan Peninsula. One of the company’s most requested shuttle services is to Playa del Carmen.

Starting off the company in 2015 with 594 services and taking 1,804 passengers to their hotels, today, Cancun Airport Transportation has been able to multiply those numbers by almost 100. 

As a result of all its hard work, the company has completed over 56,000 journeys, just in the first six months of 2022. That translates into more than 180,000 passengers choosing Cancun Airport Transportation. That’s equal to filling the Michigan Stadium almost two times.

And, Cancun Airport Transportation has surpassed its own expectations, driving a total of 16,465,700,925 kilometers since it started operating. That’s like going around the Earth more than 400,000 times.

Jumping Into Adventure

Throughout the years, the company has joined the journey of many. Thanks to travelers’ enthusiasm for traveling and exploring new horizons, Cancun Airport Transportation has been encouraged to give passengers the best experience in transportation. 

When they first started this business, the family-run company could have never imagined where this road was going to take them. Still, they jumped into the adventure and today, they are more than happy to announce that from day one to today, Cancun Airport Transportation has been part of over 180,000 unique journeysThat’s eight years of driving over half a million passengers.



Excellence has to be proven, and that’s how Cancun Airport Transportation received Tripadvisor’s Certificate of Excellence for seven years in a row now. The Travelers’ Choice has awarded the company with a certificate that shows trust and efficiency when it comes to providing a service.

Check Cancun Airport Transportation on Tripadvisor for over 3,600 opinions and 5-star reviews.


The International Association of Better Business Bureaus represents the local, independent BBBs that serve every community in the United States, most of Canada, and a growing number of locations in Mexico.

BBB sets standards for ethical business behavior and monitors compliance. BBB helps consumers identify trustworthy businesses and those that aren’t.

Since 2018, Cancun Airport Transportation has been accredited with this certificate every year.
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