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Innovative cryptocurrency lending platform, CoinLending, announces the launch of their coin secured loan service to provide collateralized loans and payment services to customers

The team at CoinLending has again reiterated their commitment to providing crypto enthusiasts in different parts of the world with the best possible experience as the platform recently launched their coin-secured loan service. The product is designed for individuals that want coin-collateralized loans and interest payment services, allowing them to access loans with Bitcoin as well as several altcoins.

We expect this service to help overcome economic difficulties at a time when the world is struggling due to the outbreak of Corona 19,” a CoinLending official said. “CoinLending is an expert with deep experience in blockchain software development and blockchain economy. We provide high-quality support services 24/7 around the world.

The world of cryptocurrency has continued to expand over the years, with a plethora of products emerging to meet the growing and diverse needs of different stakeholders in the market. In a related development, lending platforms and institutions have emerged in recent times to provide facilities to borrowers in digital currency. Unfortunately, many of the coin-secured loan services are available only with Bitcoin and major altcoins, ultimately limiting access to such loans. However, CoinLending seeks to change this narrative as substantiated with the launch of their coin-secured loan service.

The loan service launched by CoinLending is unique, paying interest unlimited to some coins while also providing loans with other coins entrusted by the customer. Other amazing features of CoinLending’s service include flexibility on deposits, instant receipt of interest after deposit, and varying interest rates depending on the supply and demand for each cryptocurrency in the lending market.

The coin-backed loan service can be effectively described as an altcoin secured loan service, as it supports various coins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and any ERC20 tokens, as well as stable coins such as Tether, USDC, TrueUSD,  allowing as many people as possible to be a part of the service.

For more information about the lending services offered by CoinLending and to apply for a loan, visit –

About CoinLending

CoinLending is a licensed cryptocurrency lending platform that focuses on cryptocurrency-backed lending via stable coins and cryptocurrencies. The platform has a secure Cold Wallet and security options to keep users’ digital assets safe.

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