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The team at Blapiece is pleased to introduce the public to its recently launched luxury streetwear clothing brand. With its unique and futuristic vision fashion ideas, Blapiece defines itself as “the brand of the future”! The fashion brand uses recycled fabric for an eco-friendly existence. Blapiece uses 3D Modelling and Digital art to create its designs. The uniqueness of Blapiece is evident in its idea of using robots as models for its clothes and its willingness to infuse technology in its operations and is the only brand in the world to be tokenised. 

Blapiece incorporates art, fashion, technology, and finance altogether in a very systematic manner. The brand describes itself as the “future of blockchain and cryptocurrency” by having issued its own ‘BLAPIECE TOKEN’, and by using blockchain technology for all the transactions that are made within the brand. No other brand has its token as of yet, which makes Blapiece one of its kind.

There is a reasonable explanation behind the name of the brand, ‘B’ is the black frame in the logo, a frame for art, which signifies that Blapiece is creating new frameworks for art. ‘La Piece’ is French for ‘the piece’, quite simply that ‘special piece’. Interesting, right?

Talking about the artistic designs that the brand features, each design is inspired by the revolutionary artistic community connecting innovators, inspirers, and creators. Each design from Blapiece stands out from the crowd and is sure to grab the attention and gain public admiration. Victorian imprints, modern art, digital prints, the art that makes the shirts true ‘collectibles’. Each design is made in limited quantities with serial numbers to maintain the uniqueness of the brand.

Blapiece limits all its collection to a limited number and it comes in different categories as Premium (golden) collection, silver collection, bronze collection, and black collection.

“Since early childhood, I have experienced and lived in diverse cultures, the vibrancy of Africa. The richness of Morocco, and being inspired by the uniqueness of many other cultures. Cultures where creativity is a way of life. The sounds of these cultures also resonated with me, each having something uniquely special yet finding an underlying connection like a secret language. Seeing these different countries’ garments was a great stimulus, suggesting shapes and colors that were virtually designed by climate and environment. My introduction to the world of crypto coin and blockchain was equally exciting in my career as a financial advisor inspiring me to incorporate art, fashion, technology, and finance.

“Blapiece is a creating digital culture with all of these elements and the diverse merging into one”, speaks the Founder of Blapiece on his vision behind the brand.

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Media Contact
Company Name: Blapiece
Contact Person: Bisso Noor
Country: Indonesia

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