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Have content marketers thrown in the towel?

Typeset releases State of Writing 2021, a global study into writing effectiveness

State of Writing 2021 (second annual report)

Something is clearly wrong in the world of content marketing. According to the findings of a global survey, 70% of content marketers are either not satisfied or only somewhat satisfied with the performance of their written content over the past year. What makes this figure especially alarming is the survey respondents were extremely experienced content marketers – with more than half of the 204 respondents having more than 11 years’ experience in the industry.

That’s the key finding in Typeset’s State of Writing 2021, produced in partnership with Mantis Research.

You can find the full report here:

It’s the second year Typeset and Mantis have produced the State of Writing report, which sets out to discover where business communicators – marketers, communications professionals and small-business owners – are experiencing success and where they are falling down in their writing projects. The purpose of the research is to learn what separates the best writers from those experiencing less than satisfactory results and to share these findings with the wider business community for everyone’s benefit.

“The findings this year prove that achieving success with written content is not easy, regardless of how much experience you have,” Sarah Mitchell, co-founder of Typeset says. “The good news is, despite a disruptive year with Covid-19, content marketers say they feel optimistic and energised about the future.”

Other stand-out findings from the research include:

  • Nearly half of content marketers still struggle to know what their audiences want to read
  • Only a third of content marketers are having their copy proofread before publication
  • SEO writing is now the norm for most content marketers, even if they don’t recognise it
  • Content marketers have a real opportunity to improve editorial rigour and leverage the benefits for their brand.

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