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How To Use Sales Navigator For An Effective Sales Lead Generation?

 LinkedIn has revolutionized the link between more than 500 million users from more than 200 countries, making this a fantastic resource for B2B companies. It may be challenging to begin social sales, but today it is essential for B2B Company to be successful.

Though LinkedIn is helpful for social sales, it also provides several additional filters and tools to refine the search further. The company can easily find the optimal customer profile, create the perfect customer list, and significantly improve conversion opportunities. The team working on LinkedIn and using its sales navigator can segment from millions of leads that make a specific firm a social star for doing an effective business.

Tricks to start with LinkedIn sales navigator:


LinkedIn Sales Navigator is the best prospecting platform on the market. Start with sales preferences that reduce the criteria, and then immerse in state-of-the-art filters for a highly oriented approach.

Visit the Sales Navigator Profile settings tab, and you can see the Sales Preferences in the center of the page. Here, the perfect customer profile can be reduced to the geographic, economy, business size, and features. When you visit a prospect profile, those expectations will appear, and LinkedIn will display guidelines based on the requirements you have set.

Search Advanced

This is the most efficient Sales Navigator prospecting platform by far. You can do automated searches for leads or accounts, where you can concentrate the quest in addition to leads. You can browse over 20 filters with keywords, titles, and business fields that allow you to search Boolean.

On a prospect’s website, too, there are several valuable options. You can use the “Add Tag” option to leverage tags to organize and group your saved accounts to fit better for you.

You can save the details and action elements on lead pages and account pages using the Add Notes feature. A firm or its sales team can use the notes to chart the progress of the sales daily or log taking action after a specific lead has been met.

On the right side of the screen, you can see the “Recommended leads” panel based on the interests of your initial sales, which are perfect for other prospects in the business.

Underneath the website, a segment called “Plans similar to” lets you search for similar information about other enterprises.

Contact Building:

Now you know who they are, how can you get in touch with them? This extension works as an automation feature for LinkedIn. You can instantly search and export a list you generate in your Sales Navigator as a CSV file. The CSV has the name, title, organization, and a link to the profile of the prospects so that you can visit them later on.

It is best to submit timely and appropriate messages for keeping in contact with your main accounts. With the Sales Navigator, you can keep your buyer’s LinkedIn business up and date to know what they need to contact them, give those InMails and create notifications that invite an extended conversation. This is the kind of relationship-building that leads to success in social sales.

The sale and promotion of social products will take time if you do not have the right tools and best practices. Using LinkedIn sales navigator, you can quickly and with minimum effort create a vast communication database.

Now that you have learned how to launch sales browsers, how to foster your leads with LinkedIn, it will be easy to use a sales navigator and generate effective leads.

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