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New Book Inspires Individuals to Cultivate Healthy Relationships for a Better World

New York-based publisher, Evolving Publications, has announced the launch of the dynamic new book, Evolving Times Learning 2 Love 2 Live Together: The Civilized Choice.

Touted as the first book of its kind, Evolving Times Learning 2 Love 2 Live Together provides an in-depth analysis of the human experience in today’s world.  The author, Darric May, delves into the inner complexities of contemporary man’s relationships with himself, with the end goal of learning from them and improving on them. Some of the topics explored include The Broken State of Apathy, Strategies against Humanity, and The Evolution of Man.

Evolving Times Learning 2 Love 2 Live Together offers a fresh perspective on enjoying, experiencing, and living this life as intended.  Readers are challenged to face current issues in evolving times and ponder pertinent questions such as how humanity can co-exist together.  But that’s not all. It is one of few books nowadays that encourages readers to take action to make the world a better place.

Evolving Times Learning 2 Love 2 Live Together is May’s debut book.  But the clarity and depth of his writing give no indication of his experience. When asked about the motivation for writing the book, May explained:  “I really got tired of seeing the constant injustices committed against humanity, hell for that matter against myself being a part of that group. So I started taking a more responsible hands-on approach and started taking notes, doing the research on what was apparent. I felt compelled to share with others with the hope of raising awareness and consciousness to ignite change. Whether that be in one person or a million is of no importance as long as it is being shared!”

Evolving Times Learning 2 Love 2 Live has been 10 years in the making. According to May, the book is a labor of love. However, with the current spate of global affairs, its release has never been timelier.  Evolving Times Learning 2 Love 2 Live is an ideal resource for individuals who want to learn how to improve relationships and the world at large.

Already readers are hailing the book as a masterpiece. One reader wrote, “This book is an eye-opener and serves as a mirror to show us our wrongdoings and, in turn, points us in the right direction. In a nutshell, the book met/achieves its objective.”

Evolving Times Learning 2 Love 2 Live Together is available for order on Amazon, Barnes, and Noble, or any of the other 60,000 global book outlets. For further information or to order a copy of the book, visit:

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