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How to be a winner? Would you like to feel this way?

 Do you feel lucky? Do you feel like a winner? Would you like to feel this way? Who wouldn’t, right? Can you be a winner? Can this be taught? Come on, let’s check this out Who is considered a winner? Do you, like most of society, have a definition of


Former police detective, hostage negotiator and international peacekeeper J. Paul Nadeau spent more than 30 years working with victims of crime and perpetrators and learning from top experts in abuse situations, murder investigations, hostage-takings, terrorist attacks and human behavior in general. Over the course of his career, Paul talked hostage-takers

Readers Preparing For or New to Marriage Can Learn from Memoir

Xulon author shares life story so readers can avoid the same realities. Lillie Shelly’s book, Women Abused in the Ministry: Baby’s Got Blue Eyes The Will to Live ($31.99, paperback, 9781632216373; $9.99, ebook, 9781632216380) is available for purchase. Women Abused in the Ministry is Lillie Shelly’s personal memoir written over the course