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Rebirth Analytics Offering Free Supplier and Supply Chain Risk Assessments to Governments and Healthcare Organizations Battling COVID-19 Vaccine Implementation Fraud

Powerful solution to counter recent string of PPE fraud and supply chain disruption

Rebirth Analytics, provides transformative and equitable risk solutions for businesses and is now providing free assessments to supply chain managers working to distribute the COVID-19 vaccine.

Given the supply chain challenges and stressors that have been escalated with fraudulent products, it’s critical to determine if your vendors are at risk. Rebirth Analytics has a proprietary process to quickly assess each vendor along the supply chain thoroughly and quickly to ensure the supply chain is safe and free from nefarious activities.

“We’ve been in contact with state governments, municipal leaders and many are telling us that they are dependent on the business community to help solve the distribution and administration of the COVID-19 vaccines,” stated Chonchol Gupta, CEO of Rebirth Analytics. “We know firsthand the types of decision-making pressure these supply chain managers are struggling with and we want to help.”

Since Rebirth Analytics can assess both private and public businesses and correlate the information with other risk assessments, they are able to give decision-makers a 360-degree view of potential risks almost immediately.

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About Rebirth Analytics
Founded in 2018, Rebirth Analytics provides evidence-based protection and visibility into an organization’s supply chain risks. We do this by aggregating data across six different risk categories and deploying the results to decision-makers almost instantly. Our integrated platform incorporates proprietary AI, enterprise-to-supplier specific views and externally validated data to provide users clarity on where risk may lie. Through our partnerships with Microsoft, IBM, and ESRI we deliver a single solution package that benefits a wide variety of sectors including manufacturing, retail, finance, insurance, hospitality, nonprofits and more. With customers throughout the world, Rebirth Analytics is a private company with offices in the U.S. and UK. Visit for more information or follow us at LinkedIn or Twitter.

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