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Small Pastured Meats Business Gaining Traction

Greener Grazing Inc. based in Gorrie, Ontario is expanding in 2021.

Greener Grazing Inc. is a small business based in Gorrie, a small town in the heart of the beautiful agricultural community of southwestern Ontario. The business was started in 2015 (although not under the name of Greener Grazing Inc.) when Josh Bauman of Gorrie started marketing some pasture-raised beef directly to consumers. “It started with two heads,” says Josh, the owner of the company, “and kind of expanded from there.”

In 2021, Greener Grazing aims to market over 25 cattle to local consumers who care about the quality of food they eat. They are focusing on both grass-finished beef and grain assist beef, while also starting to market pastured pork. These types of meats have really started to gain popularity in the last couple of years. People are starting to experience the superior quality of meat products raised in the natural outdoor environment. And people keep coming back for more.

“Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance,” Josh explains, “We aim to only sell the best products, and if someone isn’t satisfied, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee.”

To learn more about the company, you can visit their website:

Josh Bauman
Greener Grazing Inc.

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