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Real Sugar Daddy dating has more appeal than ever both for wealthy, successful men and for the beautiful women who are interested in being part of their lives. That said, it’s only natural those new to this dating world would have some questions about how to approach dates. Fortunately, the leading Sugar Daddy and Sugar Daddy online dating platform is here to help. In exciting news, the Sugar Daddy dating experts revealed the results of a recent survey that asked members to list their “Top 5 Dating Ideas About Food and Drink”. The answers are eye-opening.

According to the survey the Top 5 results all pointed to common interests, but that can certainly be done in an extra ordinary ways. They are, in order of popularity: Dinner, Wine, Cafe, Lunch, and other Culinary Adventures. This list is sure to give Sugar Daddies many great ideas on what dates are likely to leave their Sugar Baby engaged and impressed.

“We really enjoy surveying our members since the answers help us and our members improve the dating experience in really significant ways,” commented Leonardo Tim, the CEO of SugarDaddyMeet. “This survey, I think, is especially valuable.”

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