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How to be a winner? Would you like to feel this way?

 Do you feel lucky? Do you feel like a winner? Would you like to feel this way? Who wouldn’t, right? Can you be a winner? Can this be taught? Come on, let’s check this out

Who is considered a winner?

Do you, like most of society, have a definition of being a winner? I am sure you have. So who it is? Is it someone with a lot of money? Or maybe someone who is popular and kind of a celebrity? Or maybe, in your opinion, it is a person who has their own little business, job, a house, husband or wife, kids.

Do you think that winners can be seen just in movies, or books? That only there is possible for someone to become one. To be a hero, no matter of circumstances or upbringing. Is this what you believe? Looking around, you might come up with that kind  of assumption. Especially if you focus on the negative things that are going around. On you not winning, for example. Even worst, if you take that bit, of you not winning, and name it that you are losing.

But are you really? Does not winning, let say at the lottery, makes you straightaway a loser? Is that right? How is that? Explain that to me, please. How this is related? So in this case everyone who does not win is a loser. Interesting. What about those who do not play at all? Are they losers as well? It is hard for me to believe in that kind of hypothesis. …
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