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The newest app helping job seekers manage their network, get referrals and get back to work.


PEEKaMEET is a fully customizable business networking application designed to help job seekers, freelancers, and small businesses manage their networks to generate referrals that lead to opportunities. PEEKaMEET’s career management system lets you add your existing contacts, make new connections with the nearby feature and continuously build relationships to get the job opportunities you seek. The app is now available at no cost via the Apple App Store and Google Play.

The PEEKaMEET app helps job seekers create and maintain close contacts to build relationships and provide referrals by curating their network with authentic, reliable real-world connections without relying on bots, canned messages, or various other spam-driven ways that have become commonplace on networking sites such as LinkedIn.

The power of curation is the design strength of PEEKaMEET. Powerful features include the ability to scan and upload contact information from business cards, a built-in calendar app with easily settable reminders, in-app messaging, the ability to see and network with other users nearby, easily customizable user-directed search filters, and video elevator pitch creation to elevate finding and accessing career opportunities. Additionally, the app allows users to add their meeting ID or meeting name to view others in the same meeting and can filter and find like-minded people. PEEKaMEET helps job seekers closely maintain contact with their top 100 connections, allowing organic growth and relationship management.

PEEKaMEET Owner and Developer Brenda Geer, formerly of Cisco, developed the app to place more power in the hands of job seekers in their search for meaningful and fulfilling employment. Geer’s modus operandi in creating the app is her mantra that, “one referral can change your life.” Extensive beta-testing has resulted in extremely positive reviews for not only providing an intuitive, easy to use the platform but providing the best contact management app currently available. To learn more about the power of PEEKaMEET as a comprehensive, robust networking app, visit the Apple App StoreGoogle Play, and/or PEEKaMEET’s website

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