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Top Five Digital Skills That Businesses Need

Online assessments show the skills gaps teams need to fill

Covid-19 restrictions may be drawing to a close but forecasters predict that online sales will continue to soar.1 Questionmark, the online assessment provider, has identified the top five skills that workers need to market and sell products online.

“Businesses have moved quickly to ensure they can sell their products and services online. To remain competitive, they must ensure they sharpen digital skills among the workforce.” Tweet this

Analysts project that e-commerce sales will rise by 67% by 2025.2 Firms must sharpen their skills to remain competitive.

Questionmark has identified the core skills that businesses require to market and sell their products and services online:

  1. Content creation – gone are the days when creativity was the preserve of specialists. Snappy sentences and carefully cropped pictures are essential to online marketing.
  2. Cybersecurity awareness – the more people engage online, the more vulnerable an organization is to cyber-attack. 95% of cybersecurity breaches are caused by human error.3
  3. Data literacy – the more interactions are digitalized, the greater the data trail. Workers who know how to read and understand data can use it to improve their performance.
  4. Considered communication – be it the right tone for a tweet or managing a sales meeting on Zoom, workers must think through how they interact with their audiences.
  5. Internet knowledge – a basic understanding of how the internet works helps shape good decisions on search engine optimization and online advertising.

Lars Pedersen, CEO of Questionmark said: “Businesses have moved quickly to ensure they can sell their products and services online. To remain competitive, they must ensure they sharpen digital skills among the workforce.

“Measuring staff skills with online assessments can give employers the information they need to make better decisions on training, development and recruitment.”

The Questionmark Digital Marketing Knowledge Test gives employers information on the strength of digital marketing skills across the workforce. With this information, employers can make better decisions around training and career development among their current team. When recruiting into digital marketing roles, the test will help hirers identify which candidates are worth putting through the final stages of the process.


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