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UCompare launches Mauritius first price comparison service for telecom and insurance products

Mauritius customers now can shop online to find lower rates for mobile phones packages, broadband internet, car insurance, home insurance and medical insurance products.

In recent years customers’ expectations have been transformed by technological innovations. Customers want the same convenience they are already accustomed to in online shopping when they select their mobile phone package, broadband internet connection for their home, or renew their car insurance, home insurance or health insurance. They want 24-hour access and clear, relevant information about a telecom or insurance product’s features. These customers expectations from telecom and insurance companies now have to be met.

Introducing UCompare, a comparison website that allows Mauritius consumers to search for the best telecom and insurance deals. UCompare is the first Mauritius service to get cost-saving rates for mobile phone packagesADSL and cable broadband internet services and the best quotes for car insurancecheap quotes for home insurance and medical insurance – all in one place.

UCompare is meeting this customer demand for transparent, high-quality services in the telecom and insurance domains by providing innovative rate comparison and quote generation solutions designed for the digital age. UCompare helps consumers across Mauritius take advantage of the best prices and services on offer from telecom providers and Mauritius insurance companies. Their goal is to allow Mauritius customers to easily find the best price for telecom or insurance products best fitting their particular needs.

Of course, if you are looking for the best deal on a service, you’ll likely want to shop around particularly looking for the best pricing. However comparison shopping for telecom and insurance products is difficult and time-consuming. That’s where UCompare aggregate rate and quote comparison services will help. UCompare aggregation tools allow you to explore multiple types of services with only a few clicks. You do not need to search and visit numerous website of providers, having all rates and quotes in one place. This is saving you a significant amount of time.

How does it work? You can use UCompare to get the best rates and quotes from Mauritius leading telecom and insurance companies. All in one place. UCompare helps you find the best deal – the one that meets your personal needs for the best possible price and making sure you always get the right mobile package or broadband internet deal, home or car insurance, and never spend more than you have to. Whether you’re switching providers or comparing the rates for the first time, UCompare aims to give you all the information you need to choose the right deal at the right price. You can shop different telecom and insurance providers in one place, viewing a variety of deals, rates and quotes and selecting the one fitting your particular needs at the best price. Under each service, you can view plan features, pricing, contract duration, activation instructions. The curation of information saves hours for the consumer with the UCompare innovative rate comparison website.

What are the advantages of UCompare?

  • FAST. Saves your time comparing rates and quotes and help find the best solution for you!
  • ALWAYS IMPARTIAL. UCompare is independent and therefore able to provide an unbiased comparison of rates and quotes.
  • FREE. Zero additional costs to clients. The service may only receive remuneration from partners for connecting them with customers.

UCompare is a free, impartial price comparison service that offers opportunities for Mauritius consumers to save on telecom rates and insurance quotes. UCompare helps you to compare prices on a range of products and services like mobile packages, broadband internet, car insurance, home insurance and medical insurance products. UCompare is part of Vanguard Group, also operating Bongéni on-demand delivery and moving platformTeamBuilding Mauritius and DodoMarket Flowers & Gifts.

About UCompare Telecom and Insurance Comparison Service

UCompare is the first Mauritius service to get cost-saving rates for mobile phone packages, ADSL and cable broadband internet services and the best interest quotes for car insurance, home insurance and medical insurance – all in one place.


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