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ZongTeng Group’s Fight Against COVID-19 for Local Ecommerce Development

As the spread of COVID-19 variants seriously affects people’s daily lives, the demand for online shopping grows rapidly, which poses huge challenges and presents opportunities to the operation of the cross-border e-commerce industry. However, faced with the challenges, a strong logistics workforce, ZongTeng Group‘s staff, becomes more united and productive, sticking to their posts to ensure warehousing and logistics services.

A Dedicated Cross-Border Logistics Workforce In the Crisis 

ZongTeng Group’s UK warehouses are the company’s most important overseas warehouses that process 100% more parcels during the pandemic. In this video, ZongTeng UK Deputy General Manager, Charles Lu presents employees working in full swing in ZongTeng’s headquarters, Birmingham – UK No.5 Warehouse in the United Kingdom. 

Every worker there remains on their posts. Next to them are tens of thousands of pallets piled up with goods from China. They are all dedicated to picking, packing, sorting, shipping parcels, with face masks on all day, taking appropriate precautions to ward off the coronavirus. Feeling duty-bound to guarantee the safe delivery of goods and satisfy people’s needs, they work in shifts like a warrior fighting at the frontline. Their belief is “Things will get better, as long as we are united!” 

These workers have been effectively mobilized to forge ahead. Jack Peng, ZongTeng Senior Vice President encourages the staff, “A logistics company is now the mainstay of the society.” For them, it means more than work – each of them realizes their important roles and believes that they are making contributions to society. 

StrengtheningCooperation & Taking Social Responsibilities

Apart from the donation of 10,000 surgical face masks and 5,000 FFP2 face masks early in April 2020 when the supply of face masks was extremely insufficient, ZongTeng Group has provided many jobs to people in the local community. The company has been proactive in recruiting warehouse staff to cope with the rapid growth of its business.

Tony McGovern, Managing Director at Cannock Chase District Council highly recognizes ZongTeng Group, “The company has always been very aware of its local place in the community, acting as a good employer locally to get a good and productive workforce.”

Additionally, ZongTeng Group has also strengthened the cooperation with local delivery service providers to ensure last-mile delivery. In a meeting with ZongTeng UK General Manager, John SANSBY, Hermes Executive Strategy Partner acknowledges the importance of staying close to the growth of local e-commerce fulfillment with global companies like ZongTeng Group.

In 2020, ZongTeng has launched the global site of the GoTen Dropshipping Platform, attracting tens of thousands of online retailers in the European and American markets. This is because, in addition to free membership and big discounts, the dropshipping platform offers fast and free delivery of over 20,000 selected profitable dropshipping products from the US, UK, DE, FR warehouses, which means great business opportunities for those who want to start an e-commerce business at low costs. For example, stay-at-home people can easily have a side hustle and earn extra money.

Wrapping up

As the pandemic has brought huge challenges to businesses around the world, the international logistics company takes on a big mission. As a leading cross-border e-commerce infrastructure service provider, ZongTeng Group has taken effective measures to weather the crisis with local people. It has perfectly integrated its development needs while recruiting more staff to maintain people’s livelihood, mobilizing the workforce to guarantee order fulfillment, strengthening local partnerships to ensure the last-mile delivery, and rolling out the GoTen global site to provide more business opportunities.

About GoTen is a professional dropshipping and wholesale supplier under ZongTeng Group since 2007. It benefits from all ZongTeng’s supply chain resources, including GoodCang, YunExpress, and WorldTech. 

Since the launch of the GoTen global site, the GoTen Dropshipping Platform attracts thousands of visitors worldwide every day, registering considerable surges in sales with 20,000+ profitable SKUs. Additionally, based on big data-based research, its free product recommendations aim to make dropshipping easier on Amazon, eBay, Wish, Walmart, and other online marketplaces. 

No membership fees, no credit card needed, only minutes to get started. GoTen makes it easier for everyone to launch and boost their online business.



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