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VX Global Inc. announces its Featured International Clients

A Rule C and Reg A Operating Platform

VX Global Inc., a Rule C and an international Reg S funding platform, with a Reg A platform coming in August, has announced its funding projects. VX feels that these diverse offerings represent specialized opportunities in their respective fields. Each represents a unique potential dividend-yielding scenario that has significant return potential. Please feel free to review and contact us for more information. You must be an accredited investor to enter our current Rule C platform.

Double Jump Capital – International Royalty Video Gaming Fund

Double Jump Capital is a (LIFO) Last In/First Out Royalty-based Fund that specializes in providing both capital and strategic support for finished video games. The Fund Team specializes in the analysis of each potential game and its market demographic. It then engages a strategic media plan of attack to bring the game to market.

Leaving the creative aspects and operational costs and headaches) of games to developers, Double Jump Capital focuses investment on game launch, marketing, and user acquisition. Double Jump is in the first position on all incoming gross revenue returns provided through some of the world’s largest third-party platforms (e.g. Apple, (AAPL) Google, (GOOGL) Microsoft, (MSFT) Amazon, (AMZN) Facebook, (FB) Sony, (SONYN) Nintendo, Steam, etc.). This provides immediate returns with a long-term cash-on-cash “payout” waterfall that is not subject to valuation or market fluctuations.

*Double Jump has secured a 24-Million-dollar anchor and lead investor that will be working with other investment partners to make this fund a strong, viable and well-managed fund.

Vello – An International Social Influencer Platform base in Australia

Vello enables talent to engage with their fans in a safe and authentic way. The platform creates genuine social interactions using Vello’s One to One video messaging capabilities that both monetize content through direct questions and create the ability to provide subscription content.

Vello seamlessly monetizes interactions with fans. Followers can pay to contact influencers, sports figures, and celebrities via video message through both content-based messaging and direct interface. Influencers can create subscription-based channels or one on one videos’ and listen & respond in their own time. This sends a video package directly back to the user.

Vello has on-boarded Stephen Wonderboy Thompson and MMA/Athlete with 800K Instagram followers, Model Lauren Ann with an Instagram following of 1.1m, Frank Mir and MMA athlete, MMA/Athlete, Daijah, (Model), Mommasboy, (Boxer) and Jason Maloney (Boxer) and is in talks with major sports agencies and figures worldwide.

Freedom Farms Of Iowa for Freedom Farms of America

FFA of Iowa is the first of its kind featuring a Controlled Environment Agriculture (“CEA”) that significantly improves productivity and returns on capital investment in acreage and equipment, compared to traditional land-based farming. CEA food production methodologies embrace “indoor farming” or “under-cover growing”, and specifically utilize hydroponics and vertical farming. thus minimizing risk from weather events and seasonal growing processes.

The proven advantages of CEA’s consistently demonstrate a clear advantage in production metrics, resource efficiency, responsiveness to consumer preferences and the reduction of a carbon footprint as a financeable business model enabled by technology. The ACTS Freedom Farms’ ultimate objective is to create a 15-acre location utilizing standard horizontal growing systems that can utilize a hybrid system as proven by Crop King, to produce extended yield per acreage on a yearly basis while achieving $15 -$19.5 million annually on 15-acres.

CEA’s reduces water consumption by as much as 99% and with technology-enabled growing methods, has a vastly reduced land footprint required for crop production. Produce is grown non-GMO, pesticide, herbicide, heavy metals, and bacterium free. Produce is locally grown and travels fewer miles reducing greenhouse gas emissions from food distribution. This structure is in the form of an LLC and provides projected returns plus convertibility.

Real Estate – UK Based Health and Wellness Development Park

PEAK is an all year leisure, education, wellness and entertainment destination set in 300 acres of
reclaimed parkland on the edge of the Peak District National Park and Chesterfield. PEAK is a
gateway to the surrounding area focusing on sports, health, adventure, heritage, culture, and
nature; a resort with leisure, business, and entertainment features, diverse hospitality and
accommodation options; a campus for health & wellness, training, learning, and employment. The relocation takes a segment of the 2008 consented Medical Clinic, Spa, and Apart-Hotel building and
condenses it into a smaller land area. This provides opportunities for later phases of the development to be delivered around the Health & Wellness Park where appropriate.

Smartlife – A Profitable Re-insurer in Walmart Locations (REGULATION A COMING SOON)

Smartlife is currently rolling out in Walmart locations throughout the US. SmartLife’s value proposition is to save customers money and promote face-to-face relationships within the community by locating its agencies in local stores and bank branches. Thus, SmartLife
operates traditional full-line insurance agencies within customer-convenient locations and builds its
book of business through mainly face-to-face personal relationships which are strengthened every
time customers visit their local store or bank.

Smartlife has created a re-insurance opportunity that provides steady yield through a re-insurance dividend earnings program. This will be a Regulation A program that will allow all investors to participate.

Leviathan Fund – A fixed distribution @ 8.5%

An 8.5% fixed coupon cash on cash LP with a profit-sharing coupon that is projected to grow over time to up to 17%. This is a Limited Partnership that’s created debt /equity instruments and opportunity-based funding as well as restructuring debt with, particularly onerous MCA’s to achieve solid returns and growth in underserviced capital markets and first look opportunities that are contract oriented. This fund is completely automated with solid underwriting processes that are risk-averse. This also provides us with first look opportunities.

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VX Global Inc
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