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Workouts trend growing in business COVID-19: MIT sports tape PowerMax, becomes the focus of the sporting goods fairs.

MIT Sport Tape: PoewMax
Kinesiologoy tape Cooling Patch

With the onset of the global pandemic, a wave of home fitness was spawned.  Demand for sports accessories such as protective gear and sports tape soared, and products quickly were out of stock. Taiwan-made muscle tape quickly became a top seller. PowerMax, the leading brand of athletic tape in Taiwan, strictly adheres to the MIT manufacturing process. Raw fabric materials, adhesives, and the manufacturing process are all made in Taiwan. The professional R&D team, with more than 60 years of experience with adhesives, is the key to PowerMax maintaining stable quality and developing new products.

In response to different market needs, the PowerMax team continues to develop more functional sports tape products, such as kinesiology tape and athlete tape.  They are able to provide competitive pricing, stable quality, and highly customized services. They are also committed to providing customers with the most innovative and valuable products.

Through the online exhibition, TAIPEI CYCLE Online & TaiSPO Online, visitors from various countries turned their attention to stylish sports-related products, including sports aids and Protective sports equipment. In addition to being optimistic about product demand, these companies are also preparing for an increase in business opportunities in the post-pandemic era.

TAIPEI CYCLE Online & TaiSPO Online Exhibition:

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