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XROUND launches ultra-low latency true wireless earbuds and surround system for gaming and music

AERO True Wireless Earbuds reach up to 50ms latency creating competitive gaming, video and music experiences with no sense of lagging

Today, XROUND launched the AERO True Wireless Earbuds — award-winning aerodynamic and extremely low latency earbuds that create a no-lag, full immersion experience for both music and gaming. AERO is available for $89.99 USD on the brand’s website and on Amazon.

“The industry average for wireless earbuds is 200ms latency, which can break immersion. This is why professional gamers usually wear wired earbuds while training, for more focus and a clear audio experience,” said XROUND founder, Peng Lee. “With our exclusive chip design and technology, we set out to develop the lowest latency on the market for a seamless 50ms latency audio experience. As a result, AERO is extremely accurate when it comes to sound location and distinction. There’s no transmission delay and it’s incredibly comfortable to wear, making it a top pick for gamers.”

The tech combines four major acoustic technologies: an ergonomic auditory interface, dual-mic noise reduction, 3D acoustic tuning tech, and a titanium-coated driver. AERO is also equipped with XROUND’s patented Lite™ Reality Sound System which dynamically simulates a 3D surround sound field to provide structural depth and width to capture the detailed nuances of direction and distance.

“Our team comprises both gaming and music enthusiasts, so we set out to design an all-in-one earbud that would fulfill the unique needs of both entertainment types,” said Lee. “Users can instantly switch between Gaming Mode and Music Mode with the press of a button without any compromise on sound.”

Within AERO’s MyTune app, users can adjust EQ, surround sound, sidetone, gesture control, and more to their preferences. And because the sound experience differs from person to person, AERO’s TailorID functionality allows users to customize their hearing profile for a truly optimized sound experience.

Exclusive add-ons for gaming devices are available, such as XROUND’s XT01 Bluetooth Transmitter, which users can connect to their PS4, PS5, SWITCH and PC to enjoy HD low latency audio via AERO True Wireless Earbuds itself.

The AERO True Wireless Earbuds package includes a charging case, charging cord, three pairs of Spinfit ear tips with premium soft silicone material, and three pairs of soundproof ear tips that insert deeper at a 60.2° angle without causing any discomfort, even after long wear.

Media wishing to interview XROUND personnel should contact PR agent Borjana Slipicevic at

XROUND was founded by a group of passionate digital signal processing (DSP) audio experts, designers, engineers, and audiophiles. By combining years of audio user experience design and an obsession for sound perfection, XROUND has developed many acclaimed audio products and technological advancements in the field, such as their Reality Sound System, 3D Acoustic Tuning Tech, and AI Auditory System that continue to redefine the sound experience. AERO True Wireless Earbuds and XT01 Bluetooth Transmitter have won multiple awards, including the Gold Award from Visual Grand Prix (VGP), one of Japan’s most prominent publishing companies, with expertise in audio/visual related devices and state-of-art technologies.

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